Activate Prezi Classic Account

After opening a Prezibase template with a new Prezi Next account, you might receive the error that the template cannot be opened or receive a “not found” error. If you do not have a Prezi account yet then you can create a free account on this page

Fortunately there is an easy fix, you just need to activate your Prezi Classic version, as all Prezibase templates will work with Prezi Classic. Why did you receive this error? Prezi recently launched a new version called Prezi Next. All new Prezi accounts created after the release of Prezi Next on April 25 2017 might not automatically support editing of old Prezis created in the classic version. The Classic version simply needs activation and you can still use all the old Prezis.

Step 1

Make sure you are logged into and click the activate button below which will open a new popup window on


Step 2

Wait until the content loads up. You will either see another error page or a Prezi opening in edit mode. If the page is loaded, close that window, as Prezi Classic will still be activated on the background on both cases, even of you received another error.

Step 3

Done! You can now use all Prezibase templates. They will become available under the Prezi Classic version in your Dashboardprezi-classic.