Blank Prezi Next Template

So you open up Prezi Next and want to make a new awesome presentation, but soon realize there is no option the choose a blank template! That’s right, Prezi Next currently does not offer the option to start from a blank page, however there is an easy workaround to create a blank reusable template for yourself! You still have to choose a template and delete all the contents with a few clicks, here’s how:


The trick here is to find the template with the least design elements, for example templates named Simple-Modern, Pitch-Abstract, Simple timeline Light. It will probably take you some time to find these, as Prezi randomizes the order of the templates, so we cannot tell you exactly where these templates will be in the template chooser. Once you choose a template with a minimal design, click the “use this template button”.

Once the Prezi loads, the right sidebar will already be open. On the sidebar you will see a button “Remove Background Image”. Click that and the background will be gone. Now close the menu and hit the keys Ctrl + A: this will select all the contents inside your Prezi. Once everything is selected hit the delete button. Congratulations, you now have a perfect white blank Prezi Next template, but wait… don’t start to edit this Prezi! Save the changes and exit the presentation. Rename the Prezi as “Blank Template” and every time you want to start a blank Prezi, make a copy of that presentation!