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Make Augmented Reality Presentations with Prezi

Augmented reality is the currently thought to be the “Next Big Thing” in technology. Many large companies including Google, Facebook and Apple are already developing AR products and now Prezi has joined the list with augmented reality presentations. So what exactly is an augmented reality presentation? Prezi has published a very short landing page together with […]

Interactive Jeopardy Game in Prezi Next

The release of Prezi Next opened up a few opportunities for creating more interactive presentations. Instead of going through all the slides from one to another, you can simply point your mouse at a random slide, zoom in and reveal the content inside – perfect for creating a Jeopardy type quiz game. That’s exactly what […]

Blank Prezi Next Template

So you open up Prezi Next and want to make a new awesome presentation, but soon realize there is no option the choose a blank template! That’s right, Prezi Next currently does not offer the option to start from a blank page, however there is an easy workaround to create a blank reusable template for […]

What If Awesome People Gave Awful Presentations!

Imagine that the leaders of some the greatest tech companies in the world gave the worst presentations you’ve ever seen! With a little help from Photoshop we created a few examples on how brilliant minds could fail at presenting. Would you’ve taken their ideas and vision seriously if you saw them presenting like that? Steve […]

Prezi Next Custom Topic Covers (not just circles)

In Prezi Next everything kind of looks like a circle too much? Well it doesn’t have to be! You can customize the topic covers and turn any symbol, icon, image or text into a cover, it does not have to be just a circle! The trick here is to make the default Topic cover circle […]

Grouping Objects in Prezi Next

The option to group objects is not available anymore in Prezi Next. Why? Because there is no need for grouping, now you can use the fade in/out effect on multiple objects simply by selecting them. Select multiple objects by holding down the shift key and clicking on objects or dragging over them. Now enter the […]

Prezi Next – A Brilliant Mind Mapping Tool

While Prezi Next is meant to be a presentation software then it is also perfect for creating highly complex and interactive online mind maps. What are you going to do with your mind maps anyway – you present them! Read the tutorial and view the examples below to see what I mean. Why is Prezi […]

Using SWF in Prezi Next

The whole idea behind Prezi Next was to move away from Flash based technology, so uploading an SWF file directly into Prezi is not possible anymore. However there is an easy workaround and you can still use your existing SWF(non-animated) files in Prezi Next. The solution is to convert your existing SWF files into SVG […]

Prezi Next 3D Background Effects

In Prezi Classic there was the option to add multiple backgrounds into your presentation. You could zoom in and a different background was revealed depending on the level of zoom. You can also achieve a similar effect in Prezi Next. Watch the example below with a bowling ball and pins:     Prezi Classic supported up […]

Change Prezi Next Background Image Size

In Prezi Next, the perfect resolution for a background image is 1920x1080px. However after adding a background image you might notice that it doesn’t cover all the edges correctly and the background color is still visible. Here are a few tips on how to fix it. While zooming in, some of the default background color […]