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Prezi Old VS New Player Embed Code

EDIT: Few months after writing this article, Prezi removed the support for the new player and reverted back to the old version. Now it’s back in 2017. Read the new article here. You might have noticed that since June & July 2014 Prezi smoothly moved to a new HMTL5 based player which doesn’t support animated […]


Optimize Prezi & Make It Load Faster

As the internet speeds are going faster every day then everyone expects websites to load fairly quick. This also applies to a Prezi presentation. Nobody likes to wait minutes before your presentation loads up. While this might not be so important when browsing a Prezi online, then there are also situations where you need to […]

Prezi – Adding a Perfectly Sized Slide

Have you ever tried to perfectly fit your presentation content inside the default Prezi player when the Sceen Ration is set to Off? The exact size for that frame is 940x450px, but knowing that is also really not going to help you right? What you need to do is get your invisible frame in Prezi to exactly match […]


Extract Images From Prezi

Have you ever wanted to download images or videos from your Prezi onto your computer? The solution is quite simple and it works without the Prezi Desktop or any other software: 1) The first thing you need to do is download the Prezi as a PEZ file. If you are using Prezi Desktop, you can save […]


Solve Prezi “cannot zoom in more” Error

Have you ever faced the error “cannot zoom in more” in Prezi? The solution to this problem is quite simple.


The Making of Open Book Prezi Template

To celebrate the unbelievable 77 000 views (in one month) on the Open Book Prezi Template I decided to write a short blog post about how the template was actually made. 1) The first step was to to take a photo of a book. I found a perfect-looking cookbook and placed it on a table. […]


Add Shadows to Texts in Prezi

While designing a Prezi template I also wanted to add a small shadow effect to the title. I discovered this is simply not possible, even with the Prezi CSS editor, so I came up with a simple solution. It can be used to create shadows or even slight 3D effects to texts without needing any […]


Send a Prezi Edit Link (The Old Way)

As many prezenters already  know Prezi recently changed the way  people can share their presentations. There used to be an option where you could select whether you want people to view your Prezi or also edit it and then you could send that link to anyone. The downsides were of course that the edit links […]


Why You Should Pitch Using Prezi!

There are times in your life when you need pitch your idea to someone. It might be your new business plan to possible investors, an improvement plan to your boss or just a simple school assignment, but the purpose of a pitch is always to impress someone. So going with ugly slides and bullet points […]


The Basics of a Good Presentation

When hosting a good presentation, made in Prezi, Powerpoint or any other software, you need to know some of the basics of what can engage an audience that will listen with interest and remember the words or story you have told. Whether your presentation is in delivering a lecture to students, showing a number of […]