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Prezi vs After Effects – Kinetic Typography

  Prezi vs After Effects – to be honest these two should not even be compared. Prezi is a presentation software and After Effects is used for video production. However sometimes After Effects is used to create videos that resemble Prezi presentations – those videos are called kinetic typography (also known as moving text) animations. Here […]


Prezi Background Tips

Prezi is a great presentation tool but because it`s based on Flash it has some limitations, specially when working with large background images. Unfortunately uploading an image bigger than 2880x2880px may cause some errors in presenting and that is the last thing you need. If you have encountered any errors with backgrounds then first make sure […]


Prezi Templates inspired by Popular Websites

Let me present to you the the three most popular websites in the world that are now available as fully customizable Prezi templates. The previews are from Youtube because they load much faster. Links to the actual Prezis can be found under the videos.   Search Engine Prezi Template A mock-up of Google Search engine. […]


Insert 16:9 Youtube Video Into Prezi

So you want to insert a 16:9 Youtube video into Prezi and get rid of the letterbox? Well the answer is it`s just not possible at the moment. Prezi embeds all the videos from Youtube with a 4:3 ratio but since all the newer videos are 16:9 then I`m pretty sure the Prezi developers will solve […]


Convert Your Prezi To Video!

So you have a nice presentation made in Prezi and you want to save it as a video file and upload it to Youtube? What are the best options? Convert a Prezi to Video Yourself Using a Screen Recorder The best way to convert a Prezi to video is by using a screen capture software. […]

New Prezi Templates in The Shop

Since last week 7 new prezi templates have been added to the shop:               Stay tuned, new Prezi templates added weekly! Didn`t find the perfect one? You can contact us and request a custom designed Prezi! I would also like to remind that everyone can submit their own templates […]

New site design

It`s been a long time since the last blog post and some updates, but finally here it is: the site has a totally new design. The new design includes: A better shop page with more template filters. Improved and more understandable How it works page Possibility to review & comment templates Vendor system for selling […]