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Convert Your Prezi To Video!

So you have a nice presentation made in Prezi and you want to save it as a video file and upload it to Youtube? What are the best options? Convert a Prezi to Video Yourself Using a Screen Recorder The best way to convert a Prezi to video is by using a screen capture software. […]

New Prezi Templates in The Shop

Since last week 7 new prezi templates have been added to the shop:               Stay tuned, new Prezi templates added weekly! Didn`t find the perfect one? You can contact us and request a custom designed Prezi! I would also like to remind that everyone can submit their own templates […]

New site design

It`s been a long time since the last blog post and some updates, but finally here it is: the site has a totally new design. The new design includes: A better shop page with more template filters. Improved and more understandable How it works page Possibility to review & comment templates Vendor system for selling […]

How To Import SVG To Prezi

The feature to import SVG to Prezi has been long waited since 2009, but the direct answer is: You can’tĀ import SVG to Prezi! This has disappointed many users as there are many websites that offer free vector resources for creating prezi templates. A few days ago the PreziĀ Head of ProductĀ Peter Halacsy even stated that creating […]

Hello there!

Hello there. I`m am proud to present PrezibaseĀ – a new marketplace for Prezi templates. For anyone who doesn`t know what is prezi, I suggest to go read and come back here for some templates. The site is Ā up and running still in a deep beta mode, still lots of work to do and more templates […]