Prezibase Prezi to Video Service


Prezibase Prezi to Video service – we will turn your Prezi Classic or Prezi Next presentation into a beautiful high definition (1920x1080px) video in 24 hours or faster! To get started, simply add the email as an editor the Prezi you would like to be converted and send us the following details via email or contact form below:

  1. The name of your Prezi (and URL)
  2. The video format you need (most commonly .MP4 which combines good quality and low file size)
  3. Include a music or voice-over file (not necessary if the audio is already included in the Prezi itself)

The cost of the service? 35USD (+VAT for EU states) for a video up to 15 minutes long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to convert my Prezi into video directly from Prezi website or Prezi desktop software?

No. Prezi does not provide a service or have any feature that converts Prezi into video. For this reason we have started a service to turn your beautiful Prezi into video.

So how exactly can I take your service?

First you need to send us the prezi link and include our email id as editor in your prezi. After that we will make a draft video which will include a watermark. If you are overall satisfied with the video we will forward a final payment and download link. The videos will be uploaded to a private Dropbox link (Please download all videos onto your computer before playback to ensure maximum quality previews)

How will I make the payment?

Our policy is you pay only if you are satisfied. We will submit you the watermarked draft video. If you are satisfied with the draft, you can make the payment on a private link. Once payment is confirmed we will send the non-watermarked final version of the video. All videos will be provided via dropbox link.

I use a free account and there is a Prezi logo in my presentation. Can it be removed?

Yes the prezi logo will be removed. Your final video will not have any watermarks or branding from either Prezi or our side.

Why are you taking 35$ to convert a Prezi into video?

The process is not automated and each video is tailor made on a high end configuration pc to make the video seamless. It takes 2-3 hours to complete a conversion including video rendering and uploading. For these reasons we charge 35$ to convert a Prezi into a video. Please note the price 35USD price is for videos under 15 minutes long.  Extra charges may apply to videos longer than 15 minutes, please forward us your Prezi for a personal quote.

What is the probable delivery time?

Normally we can complete your Prezi video within 24 hours. However, we ask you to plan on at least 48 hours if there is any post edit we need to do. In case you have an urgent deadline, we encourage you to let us know and we will do everything we can to complete within the given timeline.

What quality, file format, resolution, and aspect ratio will be the video produced? Can you show me some sample?

Your video will be delivered in in Full HD quality .mp4 file with resolution of 1920×1080 and an aspect ratio of 16:9. You can see some sample in below YouTube link.

How do you get the timing on the slide transitions right?

We use our best judgment on timing for slide transitions. We try to ensure that the viewer will have enough time to read all the text and see the pictures.

What if the timing is not right and I need to make adjustments?

No problem! After you review the draft video please let us know where you need to make the adjustments (increase or decrease the time or any audio not matching or any other problem), we will make the adjustment and resend the draft.

What about audio (voice over, background music etc.)

Just provide us the audio file along with your Prezi URL and we will include it in video. All audio formats are supported. You can also have voice over/background music inside the Prezi. It will be included in the video. If you want to send separate background music file, we can also include it in the video.

Examples: You can view the examples of converted videos on our Youtube channel.

Have more questions or want to get started right away? Contact us!