How to Use Prezi for Free

So what’s the deal, is Prezi (Classic and Next) a paid software or can I also use it for free? The answer is Yes, you can use it for free for an unlimited time, however all the created presentations will be public. To create a free account, choose the “Continue Free” button on the signup page.

Prezi has many different landing pages for new free accounts but all of them lead to this signup page.

We have also highlighted below the different landing pages and how to find the free account options on each of them:

Landing Page you might see version 1


Landing Page you might see version 2


Landing Page you might see version 3


More Tips for Using Prezi (Classic):

  1. Want a little more features on with the free account? You can also refer 3 friends and get a couple of months of free “Enjoy license”. Get started on the Referrals page.
  2. Prezi also comes with an offline editor, which you can use free for 30 days as a trial version. Learn more about Prezi Desktop.

And if you have tried out their service as a free user, you can always upgrade your free account to a premium member later to gain more features!