Interactive Jeopardy Game in Prezi Next

The release of Prezi Next opened up a few opportunities for creating more interactive presentations. Instead of going through all the slides from one to another, you can simply point your mouse at a random slide, zoom in and reveal the content inside – perfect for creating a Jeopardy type quiz game. That’s exactly what we did!

View the example below (click on the image). While browsing through the Prezi don’t click the arrow buttons for a next slide in the presentation. Instead use your mouse cursor to hover over a topic and then use the scroll button to zoom inside. Zoom back again with a another mouse scroll in the opposite direction.


How to Get This template?

Currently Prezi Next does not have a Make a Copy button yet (Yes that’s right you read it correctly!)  We cannot share this template or any other templates, unless Prezi Next will have a simple button that allows duplicating other people’s presentations. We don’t know if this feature is on the Prezi development checklist, but we sure hope it is. Until then you must contact us through the contact form, and let us know you are interested in this template. We can share the editor rights to the template manually and you can save a free copy.