The Making of Open Book Prezi Template

To celebrate the unbelievable 77 000 views (in one month) on the Open Book Prezi Template I decided to write a short blog post about how the template was actually made.

1) The first step was to to take a photo of a book. I found a perfect-looking cookbook and placed it on a table. This is the raw image from the camera:


2) Next I needed to do little work in Photoshop. I removed the background, replaced the content of the real pages with white color and made overall color corrections.


3) Once the book image was done I started with the background, which was initially just a grey gradient. Boring!


4) So I spiced it up with some letters. I moved, scaled and blurred them randomly to give it an interesting 3D look.


5) The next step was to combine the two images in Prezi. I added the grey gradient as a 3D background and the book image as a regular image to the canvas. I also added letters in Prezi that can be used as slides. This is the final screenshot from the Prezi:


Quite simple! Want to know how some other templates were made? Let us know in the comments section or use the contact form to order a unique Prezi Design from us.