Prezi Next Custom Topic Covers (not just circles)

In Prezi Next everything kind of looks like a circle too much? Well it doesn’t have to be! You can customize the topic covers and turn any symbol, icon, image or text into a cover, it does not have to be just a circle!

The trick here is to make the default Topic cover circle invisible or cover it with an image. It is a regular shape so you can modify it from the top menu. Make the circle transparent by sliding the opacity bar all the way to the left. Cover the circle with your own image by dragging an image into the topic cover, if you right-click on the image and choose “Send to back” it will go behind the text, but still cover the original topic circle.

View the example below to getter a better idea on how to use custom topic covers and not just circles. The Creative Agency redesigned as a Prezi Next template. Various 3D shapes and images such as light bulb, email icon and polaroid pictures are turned into topic covers. Also no cover texts used, so you can make a really creative presentation and hide your content anywhere.