What If Awesome People Gave Awful Presentations!

Imagine that the leaders of some the greatest tech companies in the world gave the worst presentations you’ve ever seen! With a little help from Photoshop we created a few examples on how brilliant minds could fail at presenting. Would you’ve taken their ideas and vision seriously if you saw them presenting like that?

Steve Jobs – The “All Text on 1 Slide” Presenter


Steve Jobs introducing a brilliant new invention to the world. He is a little shy so the doesn’t want to talk or make a great speech. He lists all the iPhone features on slides. Raise your hand if you’re done reading so he can get on with the the next slide.

Bill Gates – The “Couldn’t Care Less” Guy


He had one assignment. He completed it. The audience is probably stupid anyway so he made it look very simple. Oh and he used Prezi because it’s free, not that stupid PowerPoint as he couldn’t find that Office 2017 torrent anyway… Why do you want to ask questions? I just showed you all the information on the slides?

Mark Zuckerberg – Simply Overcomplicated Ideas


It is important to deliver the cookies with an SSL connection that is protected with a 128-Bit Encryption. Before you confirm the database-based authentication, make sure all the data is hashed as 32-character string. That’s how easy it is to make a new friend on Facebook, duh!

Jeff Bezos – The “Last Minute & Unprepared” Guy


The most important presentation of the year. Jeff Bezos walks into the room 5 minutes before the presentations starts. Not a single minute was wasted on preparing for the presentation. Tries to connect his own laptop to the display –  not working. Let’s wait until someone finds the tech guy.

Elon Musk – The Funny Dude with Ineffective Visuals


Would you as an investor give any money to a man showing slides like these? Unfortunately I’ve seen many business pitches with similar content. It would be a perfect idea – if you were making a coloring book startup!

So I hope there were a few lessons learned here! Your ideas might be great, even the best, but if you fail at presenting, people simply won’t take you seriously. Just try to prepare for your speech even a little bit and it will have a big impact. We can be quite sure that the brilliant minds above probably did give a few awful presentations during their early days, but they definitely learned from their mistakes.