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3D Prezi Template with the concept of solving a puzzle or explaining a topic. A businessman carrying white jigsaw puzzle pieces from a pile and assembling them to a larger picture. A good template for a creative business, technology, marketing or educational presentation for explaining how to solve a problem or build upon your idea. Can he make it and put all the pieces together? Creating this story is up to you… it seems to be this guy doesn’t have enough pieces to complete the project!

Illustrate different sections that make up the topics of your presentation, show the whole process starting from just a few pieces to full completion of the puzzle. Use infographic elements, customize the lines and circles, change colors and add your own symbols. The jigsaw puzzle design is a classic concept used in many forms of presentations and graphic design. People use it to illustrate the concept of heavy thinking, creative ideas and team building. Combine the elements of business and puzzle in your presentation – this template makes it instantly clear to your viewers that you are about to solve a big problem or explain a topic.

+Business Puzzle PowerPoint Template Included:


PowerPoint PPT version of the Solve the Puzzle Prezi presentation template is included in the purchase. A businessman carrying a large pile of puzzle pieces and assembling them into a large block. 16:9 slide ratio with 2 alternative design layouts for you to choose from.

3d puzzle business marketing prezi template

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