HTML5 (Beta) Prezi Templates

Prezi Presentation software is slowly but steadily moving towards an HTML5 based editing and presenting platform. While the HTML5 player was around for a few months in 2014, then Prezi is now also testing an HTML5 based editor for presentations. Since it is still a beta test version then there is no point in criticising the features. Overall Prezi will remain the same, although a major difference seems to be that there is a possibility to add multiple slides into one “zoom”.  This feels kind of like having a PowerPoint slideshow in a defined area, and then you zoom into another spot, where you can add more slides. Currently there are 9 default free templates available, so go ahead and try them out:


Prezi Template with a metro or subway theme with colorful lines.


Present your information on a city background with skyscrapers.

Injection Prezi Template

A circular template with a 3D earth background.


Growth diagram with flat mountains or hills background.


Simple theme with rectangles background.


A paper plane flying in the air.


Mountain background with a reflection on a lake.


Minimalistic chain and circles background.


A most basic blank theme with rectangles.

Try Prezi HTML5 Beta