Infographic & Diagram Prezi Templates[Classic]

The term Infographics usually refers to a design that visually represents information, making data more easily understandable.

Our colorful infographic Prezis will help you present information in a creative and beautiful way. Use our 3D charts, maps and

diagrams to simplify your presentation. Visualize data, relationships, connections and your audience will thank you.

Global Line World Business Prezi Template

Global Line

Prezi Template a 3D globe symbol and colorful circles and a line around it. Includes a gradient world map background. Talk about a global business topic.

Around a Topic Circle Infographic Diagram Prezi Template

Around a Topic

A colorful and circular diagram Prezi Template on a world map background. Suitable for business Prezi, a pie chart or a circular infographic design.

Businessman 3D Puzzle infographic prezi template

Solve the Puzzle

Prezi Template with a businessman carrying 3D white puzzle pieces. Explain a topic and show how to solve a problem. Explain each part of the topic and show the whole idea.

World Map infographics business earth prezi template

World Infographics

Prezi Template with 3D world back graphics. Create world infographics about politics, population, demographics etc… Zoom in and add your content.

Infographic dotted squares world map prezi template

Infographic World

Prezi Template with a perspective and dotted world map. Minimalistic and simple for presenting worldwide ideas, statistics, facts or any other global information.

World business dotted squares map earth prezi template

Time to Act

World map and a clock face graphics. Zoom into the squares and create a presentation about the world and why it is time to change.

Mind map diagram chart brainstorm prezi template

Mind Map Prezi Template

Create your own custom mind maps with this Prezi Template. Rearrange the elements and create endless diagram shapes. Present your ideas with a colorful diagram.

World 3D business colorful creative map prezi template

World Business

A Multipurpose Prezi template with a 3D world symbol and colorful lines for different topics. Highly customizable, add your own topics, colors and zoom anywhere.

3d quarter chart circle diagram prezi template

Quarter Diagram Prezi Template

A simple 3d diagram prezi template for presenting 4 different topics. Present about a business process or describe your project progress.

3D pie chart graph infographic prezi template

3D Pie Chart Prezi template

3D pie chart prezi template with 4 different colorful pieces. Add your own symbols and numbers and show how the whole project divides into 3´4 sections.

3D core topics sphere layers prezi template infographics

Core Values Prezi Template

A Prezi template for presenting 4 different core values or topics. A colorful 3d sphere with colorful layers inside. Zoom in and show the details.

3d arrow circle diagram planet world business prezi template

3D Arrow Diagram Prezi

A 3D globe with colorful arrow going around it. Add your own symbols and show what makes your world go round.

3D white cubes squares infographic business prezi template

3D White Cubes Prezi

A professional Prezi template with 3d cubes on a dark world map background. A multipurpose template suitable for business, personal or educational project.

3d circular pie chart diagram prezi template

3D Circular Diagram

A 3D circular diagram with 7 different colorful pieces. Describe a progress or show how the different pieces make up the whole topic.

3D Squares cubes world map business prezi template

3D Squares Infographic

A professional and simple infographic Prezi template with colorful cubes on a world map background. Suitable for any kind of formal presentation.

light bulb ideas jigsaw puzzle diagram prezi template

Solve a Problem

Show how to solve problems with colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces inside a light bulb. Show 4 different solutions and how they make up your whole idea.

magnifying glass jigsaw puzzle business diagram prezi template

Find a Solution

Find solutions to difficult problems with this simple infographic prezi template with 4 colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces inside a magnifying glass.

3d pyramid chart infographic prezi template

The Pyramid

Colorful Pyramid diagram Prezi Template. Present a hierarchy or other topics that you can order based on importance. Good for business or marketing.

Colorful circle clock time business prezi template ideas

Time to Explain

A Multipurpose Prezi template for explaining a topic. Clock face and colorful circle around it for different topics. A good template for business or education and showing deadlines.

3d darts arrows targets goals bullseye marketing prezi template

Hitting Targets

Show how you hit the targets with a creative red big target symbol diagram Prezi. Hit the board with darts and connect them with your ideas.

3d circle zooming diagram red blue green prezi template map

The Pyramid

A circular diagram with a twist – Zoom in and out to reveal more content inside. Show how the topics relate and how each section is connected to the others.

3d bar chart business silhouettes prezi template

Bar Graph Prezi Template

Creative Business bar graph or chart Prezi Template with Business people silhouettes and a 3D paper background. Visuale the mountains of data.

3D line chart business people silhouettes prezi template graph

Line Chart Prezi Template

A 3D looking line chart/graph Prezi Business Template. Visualize your numbers. Highly customizable template, edit color, size and location of each line

3D bar chart graph maker kit business prezi template diagram

3D Bar Chart Maker Prezi

3D bar chart Prezi Template with endless diagram possibilities. Customize the shape layouts and create super-creative data visualization presentation.

3d idea funnel marketing business prezi template

3D Idea Funnel Prezi

Colorful Prezi Template with a 3D funnel diagram concept. Illustrate a data flow or a marketing funnel. Show how to filter out the best options.

jigsaw puzzle concept diagram connextions prezi template

Clear Connections

Colorful Puzzle infographic diagram Prezi. Show how the pieces come together and explain a topic. Present what is holding the topic together.

comparison comparative versus blue red prezi template infographic

The Comparison Prezi Template

Compare different topics by separating ideas with colors. Simple template with a great visual effect, flow down the line and compare.

3D gears cogs world business diagram infographic prezi template

Make it Work

Colorful gears on a world map background prezi template. Good template for Prezis related with work, technology or an infographic data diagram.

3d jigsaw pieces puzzle world map business diagram prezi template

3D Puzzle Infographics Template

A creative 3D puzzle infographic diagram Prezi Template on a world map background. Good template for Prezis related with explaining a topic or solving a problem

diagram maker mind map generator prezi template

Prezi Diagram Maker Template

The ultimate diagram making Prezi Template. Create endless diagrams with unlimited colors, shapes and lines. Present ideas, projects, connections, data flows or business relations.

Colorful shapes diagram business prezi template

Along the Line

A colorful diagram Prezi template which is good for visually separating topics. Use different colors and insert content into separated sections.

Simple chart business diagram summary colorful ideas prezi template

Brief Summary

Colorful and simple diagram Prezi with a well-defined section for each topic. Use different colors for each topic and show the big picture.

educational colorful creative pencil world map diagram infographic prezi template

Infographic Pencil Prezi

A creative Prezi template related with education, school or writing. A pencil with colorful graphics and various sketched icons and world map background.

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infographic diagrams and charts pezi templates

With our collection of infographic and diagram Prezi Templates you will be able to present various business and educational reports, charts, graphs in a creative way. Stop presenting mountains of information with bullet points. Visualize your numerical data colorfully with creative concepts, symbols and your message will become much more clear to your audience. With our customizable infographic prezi templates you can make every presentation look unique. Change the colors, resize the infographic diagram elements and add information according to your needs. With our global / world map related Prezi you can present international business information, perfect for a professional company related presentation.

Doesn’t matter if your company is small or a big corporation, your presentation will look good, as is it very easy to customize templates and add business information, logos, text and images. Our various diagram Prezi templates are perfect for presenting your simple mind maps for creative ideas, or take it to another level and build complex connection diagrams with customizable templates. Create unique mindmaps for business, education, or school. A large variety of circle diagrams, flow diagrams, pyramid diagrams and many more with illustrative and colorful 3D shapes. Need a custom infographic Prezi? Get in touch with us on the contact page and we can make it work for you or check out our blog post with our 25 creative presentation templates for Prezi Next.