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Templates for your next presentation! A collection of free Prezi templates made by For a full list of all available free templates visit our shop page. For presenting with a free template you will need to create an account on All our templates can also be used with the Free and Public Prezi account type which can be created on this page. Starting your presentation from a Prezi template can give you good head start, as you can focus more on the real content of your presentation and worry less about how your presentation looks. Happy Zooming!

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Prezibase is officially certified by as an independent Design Expert. This means you can count on the quality of our products and services and rely on our friendly customer support if you need any assistance with our templates. No matter who you are – a student, teacher or an entrepreneur, by using our ready-made templates you can focus more on the content of your presentation and worry less about the design. Pick the template you like, add your own content and save more time for preparing and rehearsing for your presentation!

Infographic Templates

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With our collection of infographic and diagram Prezi Templates you will be able to present various business and educational reports, charts, graphs in a creative way. Stop presenting mountains of information with bullet points. Visualize your numerical data colorfully with creative concepts, symbols and your message will become much more clear to your audience. With our customizable infographic prezi templates you can make every presentation look unique. Change the colors, resize the infographic diagram elements and add information according to your needs.

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