There’s a saying that goes “A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd!” Are you ready to try out something new and leave behind all the same looking PowerPoint templates, because we’ve got something different for you this time! We’ve put together a list with the best 25 templates for a creative presentation! Why don’t you just skip the boring slides and take a look what creative things can be done with these zoomable Prezi templates… don’t worry, there’s also a PowerPoint version available for almost every template in case you want something more static but still need an out-of-the-box looking design.

1.  Digital Roadmap Presentation Template

Creative digital roadmap presentation template
Some people call it an evil cursed machine, but I just think it’s a laptop! If you’re business isn’t already online these days, then you better start preparing for a roadmap on your digital strategy! A creative 3D presentation template with a laptop and curved road going into the screen. Perfect template for making a digital strategy timeline presentation and talking about your future goals and plans in the digital space.

2. Idea City Presentation Template

Idea city 3d creative globe presentation template

The modern world really is small (but not flat)! A creative presentation template with a small globe planet/city with topic circles hovering around it. Zoom into the circles and present your own content in the City of Ideas. A multipurpose template suitable for various presentation topics from business to travel and tourism. Create your own little idea world and add a story to it!

3. Business Mission Presentation Template

Creative business mission statement presentation template

Take your viewers on a space journey (NB: make sure you are a great storyteller!). Illustrate the concept of achieving your goal in a space mission. Presentation template with a view from inside a spaceship with a big navigation screen. Zoom into the rectangles and insert your own content. This is the true meaning of a creative presentation.

4. Zoomable Blackboard Presentation Template

Creative zoomable blackboard presentation template

A blackboard presentation, what’s creative about that? It is true that the concept of a blackboard/whiteboard presentation is an old classic and there are probably hundreds of PowerPoint Templates with this theme, however this one allows you to zoom into topics, something that’s not so common yet in a PPT. So draw out your plans and ideas on a blackboard, a concept which is usually associated with an educational presentation or about teaching.

5. Digital Business Presentation Template

Technology is taking over the world and the Sun is losing its shine… our lives now revolve around the digital space! A template for a digital technology themed presentation with Apple devices hovering around an iMac monitor together with a ring of social media and website icons. Illustrating a digital business won’t get any easier than this – get onto the orbit quickly!

6. Business Landscape Presentation Template

Do you dare to step into an online Business World? Take your chance with this presentation template! A creative concept with a modern city environment popping out of a laptop screen. A businessman and businesswoman standing and staring at the screen, thinking whether to to join the competition with their own ventures. An urban style template for a modern business presentation. Click and grow your dreams beyond reality…

7. Data Sphere Presentation Template

How does a bunch of Big Data look like? Maybe it’s something like that! A presentation template with the concept of a big 3D sphere with a connected network structure. Illustrate the circles with text titles or suitable icons for your presentation topic. Let’s get this ball rolling… I mean a data sphere does contain all of our private information, so handle it like a hot potato and don’t hold it too long!

8. Digital AI Mind Presentation Template

Digital Artificial Intelligence Mind Presentation Template

Some day computers will be so smart they will do all the thinking for us, but right now we have to rely on our own small brains. A creative presentation template for an AI and digital brain related topic. A blue brain graphic with a microchip texture and electric light effects. Make a fascinating presentation about neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

9. Blueprint Presentation Template

Blueprint Creative Engineering Best Presentation Template

How do you engineer your best ideas? A blueprint/sketch themed presentation template for laying out your plans. Show your business plans or projects and zoom into the topics. What if your ideas are not that good? Well that helmet is there for a reason, it will protect you from people who want to punch you in the head! Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that! After all, this template is only for presenting your initial blueprints and rough draft ideas.

10. Adventure Book Presentation Template

3D adventure flip book creative presentation template

Is reading a book better than an action movie? A Presentation template that illustrates the concept of opening a book and letting out a world full of adventures! Do people even read books nowadays? I guess even this description is too long for some people! Well if you like this presentation template, make sure you watch the full preview on the link below because we can’t embed the full version here and just looking at this one screenshot is like judging a book by its cover 🙂

11. Future Systems Presentation Template

Here it is… another hi-tech future interface template! If you’re still not bored with this concept then you might actually like it! A Presentation template with a businessman holding a tablet and a circular interface hovering above the device. A great concept for making a Prezi or PowerPoint presentations on the topics of modern tech solutions such as internet of things and 5G devices.

12. Creative Design Presentation Template

3d creative best design presentation template

Is an iPad a window to the world? A 3D presentation template featuring a white ipad tablet computer and all sorts of things flying out of it: colorful spheres, images, film strips, social media icons, a globe, transport truck, pencil, light bulb and milk??? 😀 Well this screenshot doesn’t tell much so make sure you watch the full presentation live preview on the link below and see how interactive this template is:

13. Multimedia Presentation Template

Creative multimedia presentation template

Access the knowledge of the entire world with one click? We have this power, but do we use it wisely? A multimedia related presentation template with a woman browsing image and movie content in a futuristic hovering touchscreen. Perfect for making a multimedia-rich presentation on any topic. Make sure you add a lot of visual content such as images and videos and let them do the talking for you!

14. Mobile Network Presentation Template 

Mobile Network Smartphone communications Presentation template

Smartphones have taken over the world… did you know that more than 50% of all internet traffic is already coming from smartphones device? A presentation template with a black iPhone on a blue world map background. A great template for a technology related presentation about communication and IT topics related with portable smartphones. In developing countries, most people will skip computers and credits cards and only use smartphones… sounds like a good topic for a presentation!

15. Island City Presentation Template

3d creative floating island city sky presentation template

There are no castles here, just an entire city in the air! A presentation template meant for presenting big dreams and success stories. A futuristic city with skyscrapers and mountains hovering on a rocky island ground. Make an abstract presentation about future of cities, technology, travel, transport or nature.

16. Green Evolution Presentation Template

Green technology energy presentation template

Can we save the planet with green and renewable energy technologies? This is a question and debate perfectly suitable for this 3D presentation template with the concept of a man holding a small floating island with a tree and wind turbines in his hand. A Prezi and PowerPoint template for an environmental and nature themed presentation.

17. Smart City Presentation Template

3d smart city creative presentation template

Push a button and your fridge will drive to the store to pick up some milk? That’s not science fiction anymore! A Prezi and PowerPoint template for making a creative presentation about smart city technologies. Businessman holding a tablet computer with a small city on it. Everybody loves futuristic tech news, so stay ahead of the trend and showcase some amazing smart city solutions.

18. International Business Presentation Template

International business creative sky city presentation template

Yes it’s the same image from the header of this blog post! It’s taken from this fantastic presentation template with a futuristic city in sky theme. A modern city with skyscrapers hovering above the clouds. We name it international business, but I guess it can be used for many other topics. Create motivational presentation about the future of cities or technologies.

19. Project Launch Presentation Template

Project launch startup 3d creative presentation template

Are Elon Musk and the crazy rocket man from North Korea only guys sending rockets to space or does launching a company also feel like running a space station? A 3D presentation template with a creative concept of launching a project or business idea. A rocket taking off from a Macbook laptop screen. A great illustrative concept for a startup company presentation.

20. Project Overview Presentation Template

Can you plan success or does it happen by accident? Taking a step back, looking over what you’ve done and assessing your ideas definitely helps in the process! A presentation template with a businesswoman holding hands on her hips and taking a look at the bigger picture – reviewing her business plan and idea sketch on the wall.

21. Virtual Reality Presentation Template

Creative virtual reality gear presentation template

Are you also fed up with the real world? Time to escape into the virtual reality – a creative presentation template for talking about the exploding VR and AR industries. Honestly we should have replaced the women in the template with Mark Zuckerberg, who is considered to be a visionary in this field.

22. Data Cloud Presentation Template

Data cloud 3d storage big data presentation template

Where do you keep your data? On your device or also in the cloud? Make a presentation on the topic of data storage, cloud systems and big data. Prezi template with a black tablet computer and network and data related icons hovering above it as a hologram.

23. Business Orbit Presentation Template

Creative space themed business orbit planet presentation template

Lost in space! That’s where many startups end up. A creative space themed presentation template for talking about business and startups and how to stay on the right orbit. Don’t crash and burn. Make a presentation about how to run a successful business and avoid colliding with dangerous asteroids(the IRS).

24. Robotics Presentation Template

Are you a robot? It sure feels like it every time I try to solve a Google reCaptcha and fail! Even if you are a humanoid robot, then you’ll also enjoy this template! A Prezi and PowerPoint template with a humanoid robot on a blue tech background, pushing a button on a tech interface screen. We’ll be seeing a lot of these guys in the future, so better get to know them well!

25. Creative World Presentation Template

Creative 3D world globe presentation template

When you look at it like this, our planet is quite small! That’s what we wanted to illustrate with this 3D presentation template: A blue wireframe planet that includes a transport car, a laptop, a small city, and island and a tree. Make yourself a creative presentation on any global and international topic. Your ideas, your planet!

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