Animated GIF Images in Prezi Next

So I see you are interested in adding animated GIF images into Prezi Next to make your presentations more awesome? The truth is currently it’s not possible and Prezi only supports static GIF files. I am sorry we used this clickbait to get you here, but if you really are interested in animated GIFs in Prezi, then there really is something you can do to help! Keep reading below!


An illustration showing how animated GIF images would look like inside a Prezi Next presentation. Imagine how your content would come to life.

Prezi is a community focused business so all the users can share their opinion on the official forum. There are lots of topics about feedback and adding new features, however the discussion about animated GIFs is not so active. Maybe it’s because people think that a big company like Prezi won’t add new features just based on forum feedback? Well they do!

Prezi became popular because of the innovation it brought with an infinite zooming canvas and animated swf files (both missing in Prezi Next). Prezi please don’t turn into a boring presentation software with nothing but circles! We’ve seen some crazy ideas being implemented into Prezi like the AR technology, but how about the most basic stuff first? Animated GIF images are a basic human right 🙂 They work anywhere else on the web, why not on Prezi? We’ve made well over a thousand Prezi templates, our users have downloaded over a million copies and the number one support question we get is why animations don’t work anymore on our templates? People want something cool, that’s why they use Prezi instead of PowerPoint.

How to Help!

Join the discussion about adding animated GIF images in this forum topic (login with your Prezi account). Simply say that you would be interested in this feature, add your +1 vote, keep it short or make it long! Just say your word, write anything, add your voice and if we gather tens or hundreds of replies then Prezi will listen, or at least give a decent reply, as it is us the users who keep Prezi alive!

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