About Prezibase


Prezi is an online presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas. It allows users to zoom in and out of their presentation and to display content within 3D space. Prezibase.com is a marketplace for Prezi presentation templates and offically recognized by Prezi.com as an Independent Design Expert.

Prezi Experts are chosen for their expertise and their presentation design/training objectives, which align with Prezi’s core belief that sharing ideas should be fun and engaging – Prezi.com



Building the right Prezi can take several hours: you need to find visuals, create the layout, define background, change text colors and in the worst case you need to start learning CSS to customize your Prezi and get exactly what you need. All of this work has already been done by us in every Prezibase template. So leave this work to the designers and focus on what’s more important – the content of your presentation.

NB: Prezibase is the only source for Prezi templates, where your presentation can instantly be accessed through your Prezi.com account. All other websites offer their templates as .PEZ files for Prezi Desktop with the option to request the online version of the template via email! Now that’s inconvenient!


Prezibase.com does not collect or store any payment or credit card information. All the payments happen off-site on the secure channels of PayPal and Stripe


Need an invoice for your order? A PDF invoice is instantly downloadable from your Prezibase dashboard and order confirmation email.


And after your purchase, you can rely on our customer support. In fact we already have a FAQ section, where you’ll most probably find the answer you are looking for. Have more specific questions? Hit the Contact Form and we’ll get back to you!

How to Use Our Templates

Our Prezi Templates can be used with all Prezi.com account types

  1.  Pick a presentation you like from the Prezi templates category.
  2.  Add the product to cart and complete the payment via our secure checkout channels.
  3.  You will receive a confirmation email with a link for Saving a Copy of the template straight to your Prezi.com account. A fresh copy of the template will be available anytime from the email or from Prezibase account dashboard (the link in Prezibase dashboard expires in 6 months)
  4. Thank You for supporting Prezibase! More awesome templates are on the way!