Free NFT Presentation - Prezi Next Template



NFTs are the latest trend in the blockchain and crypto world right now and of course everyone are talking about these digital tokens…

If you don’t already own an NFT or haven’t created one yourself (for example with this simple & free NFT designer) then I’m afraid you’re missing the game!

Anyone can create and sell them and some rare and unique projects even make millions with releasing NFT tokens.

For example companies like Parallel and Biznek have created their own game concepts with tradable NFT game cards.

Use this free Prezi template for making your own NFT themed presentation.

The template includes a 3D technological network sphere image which is perfect for blockchain and crypto projects.

Zoom into the spheres and add your own details about your blockchain project – describe the roadmap, team, goals, visions and of course… share ome juicy NFT images.



Video Preview