Angry Birds


Product Description

Complete Prezi template with the Angry Birds game theme.

Add your text or images anywhere in the Prezi

Reveal extra information to the level complete screen that fades in with an animation.

Note: the elements like boxes and rocks are not flash elements, they are grouped together and cannot be moved separately.

Youtube Preview

free angry birds prezi template

Customizing a Template

In all the Prezibase templates, you CAN:
  • Add your own texts
  • Change font & color of text
  • Add images
  • Rearrange, delete or add more slides
  • Create your own slide path
  • Zoom anywhere
  • Replace background image
  • Delete animations
Depending on the template, you might NOT be able to:
  • Change the color of some graphical elements
  • Stop animations (they can still be deleted)
For template related questions and customization service please use the Contact Page