Animated Prezi Templates

Welcome to our collection of Animated Prezi Presentation Templates.

Enhance your Prezis with energy – insert your own content and add some motion to your ideas.

Ideas in Motion
My Mind
My Mind
The Future

Animated Prezi Template with

colorful and circular lines. Includes

various animated icons: bicycle, light bulb,

running stickman, film roll..

Introduce your new ideas and show

what’s on your mind. Prezi template

with animated rotating gears inside

the brain and hovering icons above it.

Prezi Template with a futuristic

concept. A high tech animated HUD

interface with a person pointing

to the center as a background.

Handful of Ideas
Creative Stories
Idea Machine

Prezi Template for presenting

your handful of ideas. Hand holding

blue animated cogs and circle frames

as placeholders for content.

Prezi Template with the concept

of Creative Storytelling. Animated stickmen

figures on a white A4 paper with a

wooden desk background.

Prezi Template with an Idea Machine

concept. A conveyor machine with

animated elements. Gather the input

and the machine will produce great ideas.

The Right Direction
My Movie

Present anything on an animated

radar screen. Dark Prezi Template with a

radar concept and black 3D background

with a green grid effect.

Prezi Template with an animated

compass concept. Suitable for various

presentation topics including:

politics, decisions, traveling or business.

Prezi Template for presenting

the best movie in the world – your movie.

Template features a cinema room with

an animated projector, seats and audience.

Grow Ideas
Snowball Effect
Digital Revolution

Prezi Template with the concept

of Growing Ideas. Animated cogs forming

tree shapes and a cloud with water drops.

Zoom into the elements are present your ideas.

Get the ball rolling with this

simple Prezi Template which includes

animated and static snowballs and

a silhouette of a man pushing the ball.

Prezi Template with the concept

of digital revolution and the information age.

A computer screen with broken glass

and animated icons flying out of it.

Global Connections
Data Breach
Time is Priceless

Prezi Template with the concept

of global connections. Grey circles connected

with lines and animated moving light rays.

Move the circles around, create a new layout.

A man holding a white USB stick

with animated numbers flowing out of it.

Create a presentation about data loss,

data leakage, hacking or online security.

It’s time for a great presentation.

Prezi Template an animated clock concept.

Male hand holding a Blue animated clock

on a grey 3D background.

Fortune Teller
Christmas Tree
Reach Your Goals

A free Prezi Template for presenting

your thoughts about the future.

Fortune teller hands holding an animated

crystal ball on a dark background.

A calm christmas scene with a tree,

presents, animated snow and a blue

3D background. 100% zoomable elements,

add your own story anywhere in the Prezi!

Motivational Prezi Template with

a “world at your fingertips” concept.

Hand holding a small city with skyscrapers,

green grass and animated wind turbines.


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