Become an Author

It’s time to zoom into your old Prezi presentations or start creating new ones because Prezibase offers a chance for anyone to become an author and sell their own prezi templates. You get to help people tell their stories in a fascinating way while earning 70% commission on every sale. To successfully add your products, you should read the following information.

Why Sell on Prezibase?

  • Average 45 000+ monthly unique visitors – your templates will get exposure.
  • Set your own price to templates.
  • Automated earnings reports downloadable in CSV.

The Basics

Prezibase works as stock design marketplace. This means, that you grant the buyers a right to use your designs, but you still retain the ownership of your item. Once you upload an item, it can be bought a limitless amount of times.

Every template you upload must be your own original content, if you use any visuals that are owned by someone else, you must have a license that grants you permission to use and resell them. We also recommend examining the following guidelines:

Design guidelines for Experts by

Prezi Design Strategies by Shawn Apostel

Getting started

Sign-up on Prezibase. If you already have an account, contact us, to activate the seller features on your account.

    1. Create a Prezi template on
    2. Enter the product details in the author dashboard.
    3. Wait for your template to get reviewed.
    4. You get notified when you need to make some changes in the design.
    5. Your template is approved for sale and you start making money.


Q: Do I need Prezi Desktop to create templates?
A: No, you can design templates with the editor.

Q: How do I get paid?
A: All earnings will be paid out monthly for the previous month’s earnings to your PayPal or bank account. Minimum withdrawal limit: $100 (payment will be held and scheduled to next month until you exceed $100 in sales).

Q: How much do I get from each sale?
A: The author gets a 70% share of every sale. (e.g. you get $7 from the sale of a $10 template).

Q: How do I track the sales for my templates?
A:  Automatic sales reports can be viewed online and also downloaded in CSV format from the author dashboard.

Q: What kind of templates should I make?
A: Browse the approved templates and explore the popular Prezis to get ideas for creating useful templates.

Q: Will all templates be accepted?
A: Each template goes through a reviewing process before it is approved.

Q: Who determines the price of my file?
A: You can set your own price (minimum 5USD)