Prezi launched a new version called Prezi Next on April 25 2017.

The old version was renamed to Prezi Classic.

All our templates are created in the Classic version – how will this affect the use of Prezibase templates?



Old Prezi Accounts:

Created Before April 25 2017

85 million Prezi accounts created before April 2017 won’t be affected by this change. You will have access to both Prezi Classic and Prezi Next from your dashboard. You will be able to use all the free and premium Prezibase templates.


[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

New Prezi Accounts:

Created After April 25 2017

New Prezi Next accounts will not have access to Prezi Classic by default. However you can easily activate Prezi Classic on your Next account by following this tutorial and start using our templates.

Learn more: What is Prezi Next?