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A simple Prezi template for adding a 3D jigsaw puzzle effect to any image in Prezi.

Use it to build a presentation with a unique 3D backgound made from your own image.

For using your own image:

  1. Insert your image to the Prezi
  2. Right-click on your image and choose “Send to Back”
  3. Move it to the correct location and rotate it to match the puzzle

Note: the grey background color cannot be changed in this template. The example nature background is also not included in the final download.

For template customization, please see our design services page.

How does this effect work?

When you right-click on an image (or any other object) inside the Prezi edit mode, you can control with the Send to Back or Bring Forward commands which objects are on the top layer. This means you can you can bring some objects to the front or even hide some objects behind the others. This effect is also used in this Prezi template. The grey gradient and jigsaw puzzle pieces are actually one single PNG image with transparent areas. When you send your own image to the back, it will only be visible through the transparent areas.

how does prezi send to back work


Once your picture is behind the puzzle image, you can rotate it, to make it look more like a real puzzle.

For any questions on how to use this template, please contact us

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3d puzzle effect prezi template