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What’s your strategy for the upcoming ballgame? Whose side are you on? A professional 3D Prezi Next template for a basketball related presentation. A dark basketball court with a basketball, board and empty spectator seats on the background. Transparent squares form the body of the presentation with various business related icons. Talk about a single basketball team or about a league and present about the financial side of basketball. Template includes various business related icons and elements: delete or modify the existing elements and add your own content.


The presentation starts with an overview of a dark basketball court with the presentation title and a ball on the foreground and a blurred backboard on the background. The topic covers are represented as semi transparent squares which form a large rectangle interface or content wall. Zoom into the squares and present your content. The template also includes various demo slides and example content that you can use to talk about the business side of basketball. Edit the example content or completely replace with your own slides.

So take the ball, but stop carrying the ball, bounce and dribble your way through the slides, shoot the ball and… don’t miss your target! Before you make your presentation, define yourself clear goals and targets about what you wish to achieve. Just like in basketball, you can’t jump into the air then decide what to do with the ball or where to pass, that’s what the rookies do!

Creative 3D basketball Prezi Next presentation template

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