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The whole world is your canvas – make your creative ideas a reality and dream big. A presentation template with a globe in the middle and a sketched circle city around it. The presentation starts in a zoomed in mode on the title and then zooms out for the bigger picture reveal. Make a cartoon-style presentation with hand drawn elements including, skyscrapers, clouds, airplane, satellite and a hot air balloon. A multipurpose template for talking about various topics: business, earth, climate, ideas, innovation, creativity. Zoom into the circles and insert your own content.


The whole presentation has a creative hand drawn sketch effect to it. The slide backgrounds are semi-transparent with the sketch city background slightly visible. There’s also a creative transition effect while moving into the topic – the illustrative topic cover elements such as clouds, satellite, airplane and balloon all stay put while zooming in, giving the background a nice 3D depth. Move from one topic to another around the planet.

Make an urban themed presentation that focuses on the concept of world population and the green planet. A great concept for also an environment themed Prezi by sketching out your plans on how to save the world from climate change and pollution. So grab your pencil and change the world, one presentation at a time!

Creative sketch hand drawn world city presentation template for prezi

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