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The term blockchain is very often only mentioned together with bitcoin and other crypto currencies. However the blockchain technology is a great technology on its own and can be used for much more than digital money. An abstract 3D blue themed Prezi presentation template with a distributed network concept and spheres. 3D spheres as topics scattered over the network, zoom in and insert your own content. Talk about the potential uses of blockchain such as banking, finance, smart contracts, healthcare and much more… or just the template for making a presentation about speculative cryptocurrencies trading! Remember, buy and HODL… or sell and lose!


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies… these were probably one of the hottest topics of 2017 in the financial and tech world. Although they don’t always mean the same thing, they usually do come hand in hand. Use this Prezi presentation template featuring a blue network background to present about the world of blockchain. A 3D network background with blue spheres heading into the distance, illustrating the large size of the blockchain and the connection between each block.

Use the template for a blockchain related company presentation or simply introduce the new network technology. Did you notice I still haven’t mentioned Bitcoin? Well here it comes, you can also make a presentation about cryptocurrencies, as this template perfectly illustrates the concept. The overview slide has a placeholder on the top for inserting your own title and subtitle text. Advance the presentation by zooming into the blue spheres which contain the topic slides. Rename each topic and duplicate the spheres if you need more slides.

The blockchain template includes many example slides which are already filled with demo content. These include an introduction slide, a content slide with text and images, timeline element, business bar graph, portfolio and gallery slide, vector world map, and a contact page. All adjustable slides – easily edit the content, text and colors and of course add as many more slides and topics as you need.

+ Bonus Blockchain PowerPoint PPT Template Included:


PowerPoint PPT version of the blockchain presentation template is also included in the purchase. The PowerPoint template includes 2 alternative slide layout versions with horizontal and vertical designs on a blue network background. Make a presentation about blockchain networks or just send me all your secret keys… the choice is up to you!

3D spheres blockchain network technology prezi next presentation template

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