Book Presentation - Prezi Next Template


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You guessed it! This is a presentation template for talking about a book! A 3D Prezi presentation template for a book review presentation. Front view of a book standing on a wooden surface on a library background. Easily insert your own cover image onto the book and create a realistic 3D scene. Topic covers hovering around the book, describing different topics, zoom in and add your own content. A simple template for talking about a book reading assignment or presenting a book you have written yourself. Great template for use in educational presentations, literature, introducing a famous author or book series.


This book belongs on the stage – a presentation template for introducing a book or making a book review. Whether you are trying to promote your own piece of writing or trying to make an honest book review, this template can help you achieve your mission. Prezi presentation template with a book cover in the spotlight on a wooden stage and topic circles hovering around it. Easily adjust the titles of the topics and add more slides into any topic. Visually structure your content into pieces just like book chapters. It’s very easy to replace the book cover with your own design.

3D book review presentation prezi next presentation template