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Man holding a sign –  that’s one the oldest form of advertising techniques to get your ideas and messages out there! Are you ready to do some business? Prezi Next presentation template with the concept of proposing a business idea on a paper. Businessman in suit holding a large paper sign with rectangle shaped and colorful topics. Talk about your business idea, introduce the timeline, show team members, point out locations on the map. A minimalistic and creative business pitch presentation template for proposing an idea.


The presentation template starts with an overview of a businessman in suit holding a large sign filled with colorful rectangles slides. The overview also include a large text placeholder for your content and subtitle. The colorful rectangles are all editable shapes, so you can easily rearrange the entire layout and change the colors individually. Replace the example icons with more suitable for your topic.

A creative template for making an out of the box business proposal idea presentation. Use the colorful slide backgrounds for more visually appealing slides, as it is scientifically proven that colors can affect emotions. Use warm and bright colors that make you feel good to talk about the positive aspects of the business. Use cold and dark colors to talk about the competition 🙂 So if you’ve got a plan, and you think you can make it work… then what are you waiting for, get out there and pitch your ideas to someone who might be interested!

Businessman holding business proposal plan presentation template for prezi

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