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Circle Bundle includes the 6 most popular Prezi Presentation Templates from the circle theme.

Templates included:

Circle of time

Lots of small Digital dots placed in a rounded shape. Cool motion effect when changing slides.
It is universal Prezi template for any kind of topic.

Circle of Technology

Technology circle for your business message. Creative Prezi template with cool motion effect where multiple transparent squares are arranged in a circle. Futuristic and cool universal design, most suitable for technology and society related topics.

Creative Circle

Colorful Prezi template with motion circles with zoom effect in a Prezi 3D background. Abstract theme, can be used in any topic.

Colors in Motion

Creative Prezi template with amazing motion effect and lots of colorful dots arranged in a circle illustration.
Colorful vector dots and abstract circular multi-color halftone pattern as design element. For inspirational, funny designs, cool and happy presentations.

Circle of statistics

Circle of statistics is a professional looking presentation, designed for business. Recommended for statistics related topics. Illustration of colourful circles inside of each other and lots of placeholders for data – infographics, reports, graphs, images, numbers, pie charts, diagrams, progress.

Creative Circles

Creative circles Prezi template with multiple colorful semi-transparent ring shapes and 3D background. Every slide has extra semitransparent vector white background to make the text better to read.