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Prezi next presentation template with a conference or public speaking concept. A silhouette of a man presenting content on a projector screen, on a stage in front of a large audience. All design elements are separated: you can easily customize the layout by deleting elements and adding your own content. A great template for a making a product or service pitch and presenting your company or idea. Add anything to the projector screen and display your content in a creative way.


The template features a businessman standing in a dark conference room stage and pointing at a popup display stand screen. The room is filled with audience looking at the presenter and there’s a text placeholder for your presentation title and subtitle on the stage. The projector display includes various business related icons and topic circles, which you can zoom into and present your slides.

The template is most suitable for making a company or product introduction and also includes many example slides which are already filled with demo content. These include an introduction slide, content slide with text and images, timeline element, feature list, business bar graph, vector world map, pricing page, portfolio gallery page, and a contact page. All adjustable slides – easily edit the content, text and of course add as many more slides and topics as you need.

You can easily customize this template by deleting some of the elements such as the audience, the presenter or the projector. If you’re afraid of public speaking and going on a real stage, then go ahead and make a digital presentation! NB: even if the audience in this template is just an image, they can still boo you, if you create too much boring content! You better create something interesting, in which case an applause is more likely!

Public speaking conference Prezi next presentation template

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