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How do you run your business, company or even a single project? Is the leading process chaotic and messy or does it look like a ground control room? A creative Prezi Next presentation with a technology control room background and organized rectangles. Insert your own texts or icons onto the topic covers, and the color of rectangles. Presenting about running a business, organising a project or starting a company. A multipurpose presentation template for talking about how to keep things up and running in perfect order.

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Want to take over the world? Start by handling your audience! A presentation template with a control room background scene. A dark technology operations center background with an interface made from transparent squares. A great presentation template for talking about business management, running a company or being a project leader.

The presentation starts with a big overview of the control room, and includes a placeholder text for your title and subtitle. Edit the overview by changing the topic titles. You can also replace the various business and data related icons with other more suitable graphics or with text/numbers.

Advance the presentation by zooming into the square shaped topics. The template includes many example slides which are filled with demo content. These include an introduction slide, a content slide with text and images, timeline element, business bar graph, portfolio and gallery slide, vector world map, and a contact page. All adjustable slides – edit the content, text and colors and of course add as many more slides and topics as you need.

Who needs a control room presentation? Well these kind of control rooms exist in all areas of life. Just because you haven’t been to one, doesn’t mean you can’t create one with your creativity. For example control stations are typically used in large facilities, such as bridges, tunnels, airports, universities, hospitals, data centers and the list can go on forever. There’s always someone behind the scenes, and pushing the buttons, and that’s exactly what this presentation concept is about.

So go ahead and engage your audience by taking them into the backstage of your area of life and expertise and talk about the things we don’t usually hear about. This presentation template will make you the great person in charge of pushing all the buttons… well actually just the Next Slide key!

+ Control Station PowerPoint Template Included:


PowerPoint PPT version of the Control Center presentation template is also included in the purchase. 16-9 slide design ratio with 2 alternative slide layouts included. A Perfect PowerPoint template for an evil mastermind for presenting the plans about world domination….

Control station technology room business management prezi next presentation template

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