Diet Plan - Prezi Next Template


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Diet Plan – Prezi template

Prezi Template, fun content about healthy food, diet plan topic designed with black wooden table background and a plate covered with fruit sectors.

White plate is surrounded with silverware and on top is a transparent image of fruit sectors, such as strawberry, orange, kiwi and apple. In this template high resolution images are being used. Semi-transparent colourful circles is used as a background for texts, to increase readability. They are Prezi shapes and can be modified (rearranged, colour change).

Photos that are used: Plate with silverware, fruits on the plate, semi-transparent colourful circles. Put onto the plate anything else you want, delete the fruits and import other transparent png images, arrange images to a plate. Customise headlines, texts to meet your needs. Add your logo, videos from mp4 files or from youtube. Customise sample infographic, charts or import your own from powerpoint or excel.


Diet Plan - Prezi template