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Start a big discussion or do marketing and advertisement for your project. A Prezi presentation template with a big megaphone and circles forming a chat bubble concept. The bullhorn/megaphone can make a loud noise, so use this concept to make a presentation and yo make your message heard. Customize this template by changing the background color (or add your image) and changing the color of the topic circles to match your branding. Make a promotional presentation for talking about your business or use it to discuss about any other important topic. Presentation includes various example slides and demo content that you can use, or replace with your own.


The presentation starts with an overview featuring a large bullhorn with a red handle and a clouds of circles coming out from it, forming a chat/speech bubble symbol, that represents a message. The overview also includes a large text placeholder for your title and subtitle. Use this template for creating a marketing presentation for your company or for talking about a an important topic in society. The main concept in this template is that everyone needs to hear your idea loud and clear.

The template includes many business related design elements and icons, but you can easily replace them with your own content. For example you can individually change the color of the circles in the message symbol and add more suitable icons from the Prezi icons library which includes over 500 symbols for any topic. So if you want to make sure that someone important hears your message, then sneak up to them quietly, place the bullhorn close to his or her ear, and scream your message… that will make it loud and clear!

3D Megaphone promotion marketing prezi presentation template

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