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Are we living in a giant economic bubble right now? My best guess is that it’s the tech stocks that will pop soon! Prezi Next template with the classic economic bubbles concept. Businessman blowing soap bubbles which represent presentation topics. Talk about the most famous bubbles, stock market crashes, overpriced assets like bitcoin etc. A great template for an overall business, economy, market related presentation. Only time will tell if we are currently in a giant bubble and when it will burst. Make a Prezi and let people know about your opinion about the market situation.


The presentation starts with an overview of a businessman in suit blowing soap bubbles on a light gray background. Insert different asset classes as the topic titles onto the bubbles. There’s a creative transition effect and 3D background on the slides, as the bubbles stay put while zooming, making it look like as if you really are zooming inside the bubble. The overview also includes a larger bubble with text placeholder for your presentation title. Easily rearrange the bubbles and duplicate them, if you need more slides for your content.

Predicting the behaviour of a market is a bit trickier than doing the weather forecast, however there’s one thing in common – nothing will stay the same. Use this Prezi presentation template for talking about the health of various asset classes like the housing market, overpriced stock prices or the sideways moving bitcoin and gold. The last thing most of us want to see is another market crash, so if you have information on how to protect your wealth and securities, you better make an informative presentation… or maybe you simply want talk about the biggest market crashes in history, that would also be an interesting topic!

Economic Bubbles Prezi Next presentation template

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