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Can you multitask on a multi touch screen interface? We’re gonna need an urban dictionary here… Creative Prezi template with a businessman in gray shirt using a futuristic 3D touch-screen multimedia interface with frames. Multipurpose template for a media rich presentation filled with images, videos and icons. Replace the “Your Logo Here” in the middle with your own image or text title. A highly customizable template: rearrange or move all the frames and create a custom unique layout for your Prezi presentation. Also change the color of the frames to match your branding style or even delete the businessman image.

Create a 3D media and photo gallery, present your company or project overview and timeline. Great presentation template for illustrating a  modern topic: internet, multimedia, online marketing, digital sales content or social media. Add your own images and crop them easily to fit them into the square frames. Create a futuristic media slideshow for presenting to a younger tech-savy audience.


The template starts with a deep zoom inside the bullseye symbol. That’s a great place for adding your presentation headline and a small intro to the topic. Advance by zooming out and revealing the bigger picture of the presentation. Customize the layout and make a hi-tech interface with your brand style and images. That’s definitely a wow-factor for your audience. Move around the infinite canvas and zoom in on areas you wish to talk about. The order-in-chaos concept used in this Frames template is perfect for putting together your multimedia presentation –  no matter where you zoom in on put your content, it all looks like a part of a hi-tech interface that was meant to be like that, don’t go too messy though 🙂


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