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Is your business going sky high or do you need a parachute to handle the economic downturn? Are you doing international business or just staying local? A 3D Prezi presentation template with a city hovering above the clouds. An abstract and futuristic smart city environment scene with skyscrapers above the clouds. Make a creative presentation about traveling, doing business overseas or reaching new milestones. The presentation starts with an overview of the city and a large placeholder for your presentation title and subtitle. Zoomable white topic circles are hovering above the city in an arc, nicely blending into the scene. Zoom into each of the circles and present your content, many example slides with a corporate style company intro are already included in the template.


let’s make heaven a place on earth? A futuristic presentation template with a city on a sky and clouds background. Show how to do international business and reach new heights. Template includes various business related example slides with company introduction, timeline, features list, gallery, portfolio and a world map.  Zoom into the topic circles and insert your own content – replace the example texts with your own.

+ Sky City PowerPoint PPT Template Included:


PowerPoint PPT version of the International Business Presentation template is also included in the purchase. The PPT version includes 2 alternative slide layout versions: choose between white and sky background or use both. A futuristic urban city themed PowerPoint template for a modern business presentation. If this is how business heaven looks like… then I wish my company would go bankrupt, so I could go there already!

3D city in sky clouds creative business presentation templaet for prezi next

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