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We are living at the time of a digital revolution, are you a part of it or not? A creative technology themed Prezi Template for a technology/internet related presentation. Businessman on a server room background holding a black tablet computer with an interface hovering above it. Insert your own content into the topic circles and replace the icons with your own. Make a presentation about a company overview or a digital project. Talk about the evolution of internet, IOT, blockchain, data security or multimedia. Make an interactive tech presentation, where you can click and zoom into any topic circle you want.


The presentation starts with on overview with a businessman pointing a finger on the black tablet computer with a hi-tech hologram interface above it. The template also includes a large text placeholder for your title and subtitle. Advance the presentation by zooming into the circle elements. You can use the default topic cover icons or replace them with your own text titles. This template is perfect for introducing a technology company or IT related business. Many example slide layout elements are also included which you can customize or replace with your own content.

We don’t know if Apple is ever going to launch an AR hologram like this in 20 years, but if you simply want to make your presentation look more awesome, then you can already start today!

Video Presentation Preview

IT businessman future technology prezi presentation template

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