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Is there a doctor in the room? Does anyone know the cure for bad presentations? Take this blue pill! It’s called a zoomable Prezi presentation template. This treatment will cure your PowerPoint sickness and replace it with zoom nausea. A medical themed Prezi presentation template with various medical icons and a doctor standing on the background. Presenta about a specific hospital or business, medical conditions, drugs and treatments or generally about health.


The presentation starts with on overview of a doctor standing on the background and wearing a stethoscope. The foreground features an interface with circular medical icons and a large placeholder for your presentation headline. Advance the presentation by following the default slide order, or simply point and click onto a topic in any order, to make a more interactive presentation.

The template also includes many medical themed example slide layouts which you can use: timeline, bar graph, gallery slide, team introduction, contact page. A pack of 24 medical icons is also included so you can choose the best ones most suitable for your healthcare related presentation, these include: dna, bacteria, medical research, breast cancer, cells, heart, drugs and medicines, doctor and patient, digestion etc. NB: the color of the icons is fixed, as they are not default prezi icons.


Medical and healthcare doctor presentation background template for Prezi Next

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