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It’s time for a serious business meeting themed presentation! A Prezi presentation template with a top view of a meeting room in a company boardroom. A black table and 10 office chairs around a table which is covered with topics and business icons. Insert your own presentation title into the middle of the desk and zoom into the squares to present your own content. Make a creative presentation and talk about developing a startup or running a business. A classic business concept in a meeting room where the company board or shareholders make big decisions around a table.


Present about company growth plan, annual business reports, launching a company or investing. The presentations starts with an overview of large meeting room table on a gray concrete floor background. The whole template is in gray tones and represents a cold corporate scene with emotionless decision-making. The template includes a large placeholder in the middle of the table for your presentation title. Advance by starting to zoom inside the squares to present your content.

You can easily replace the example icons used in the template, and also add more color by changing the color of each of the squares on the table individually. Explore inside your head and come up with 10 different personas, who all have their own opinions on the presentation topic. So as you are the only owner and shareholder of your presentation, act now, and make good things happen before you get fired by the board!

Business meeting in company board room table top view office presentation template for prezi

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