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What kind of plans are on your roadmap? Are you even on the right track? Creative presentation template with green road signs as presentation slides on a highway background. Present about your business goals and targets, product roadmaps or milestones. Customize the elements and build your own unique layout for the presentation. Template includes various example content slides that you can customize or delete. Show people where you came from and where you are heading to with your ideas.

This template is perfect for presenting about your long term roadmaps and showcasing the steps needed to achieve your  goals. The road signs concept illustrates the fact that everyone can choose their own path however there are always multiple roads or ways to achieve something. Most importantly, it’s not always about the destination and where the road is taking you… but about who is on the journey with you! With a good team, it doesn’t matter if you get lost, you’ll have a great time anyway and you’ll always be able to come out of a tough situation.


The overview slides features a big block of green road signs on a highway background and also includes a placeholder for your title and subtitle. Rename the large titles “Success” and “Failure” to anything related with your presentation topic. Advance the presentation by zooming into the smaller signs with titles on them. The template includes various example slide layouts which you can reuse or replace with your own content. So get your GPS ready and start the journey! Destination? Hopefully a successful presentation!

Roadmap traffic sign on road prezi next presentation template

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