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No great project ever happened without proper planning and analysis of the results! A Prezi Next presentation template for a making a visual mind map of your project. Hand holding a marker and drawing elements to the screen. Bring out all the aspects of your idea and discuss about them with your audience. Customize the presentation visuals by changing colors and rearranging the layout – add more topics and circles. Present about your startup business idea or talk about research findings. Show the outcome of your work and analyze what was done correctly and talk about any mistakes you made.


The overview slide of the presentation includes a hand drawing multiple circles do the screen and a large text placeholder for your title and subtitle. The example presentation features an orange color scheme, but you can easily change the colors to match your branding style. You can also replace the business related icons with more suitable symbols from the Prezi library. Each topic circle is connected with the next with a line that stays put when you move the circles. This creates a connection between all the topics, and makes it easier for the viewers to follow the entire plan. It’s like an interactive mind map where simply click and zoom into a topic. Enough with the chit-chat now… serious ideas need some serious planning, so get to work 🙂

Plan and analyze business management mind map draw marker to screen prezi next presentation template

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