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How to get number one on Google search results? It seems only god knows the correct answer! If you’ve got some great inside tips then this presentation template might be for you – a┬ámock-up Prezi template showcasing biggest search engine Google presented on a laptop screen. The search engine name can be changed to anything else, like your company name. Add your search term or keywords as the presentation topic and show the top 4 results. Search results include the typical elements: website title, URL and description. Make a demo search query and add a creative story to back up your content.


A good Prezi template for presenting anything related with the internet marketing, keyword research and of course SEO, adsense advertising or launching a new website and getting ranked on top. The 4 default search results are grouped together and animated. However more results can be added simply by duplicating the groups.

Video Presentation Preview

seo search engine optomization online marketing prezi template

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