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Is success also coded into your DNA? Do good genes make people successful? A 3D Prezi Next presentation template with a blue DNA scene. Create a presentation on the topics of medical DNA research, genetics, biology, healthcare, gene mutations or simply use the concept to illustrate any topic, referring to it as the success DNA. The presentation starts with an overview with a close up graphic of a DNA double helix and features a placeholder for your presentation title and subtitle.  Advance the presentation by zooming into the topic circles. Illustrate each circle with text titles or you can also insert icons to represent each topic cover, which adds a bit more visual effect to your story.


Would you like to get a spider bite and turn into spiderman? No thanks, I would prefer to get bitten by Elon Musk! A presentation template with a DNA background for mixing the topics of success and genetics. Use this blue themed Prezi template with a DNA design to present about business or actually make a 3D presentation about DNA research and biology. Please don’t sue us if this template is not medically correct, but we did add a few blue 3D spheres into the template, to add a bit of depth and life into the scene.

+ Bonus DNA PowerPoint PPT Template Included:


PowerPoint PPT version of the DNA Success Genetics Presentation template is also included in the purchase. The PPT includes 2 alternative slide layouts with dark and white backgrounds. If success is in your blood, then this template might be what you’re looking for… and if you’re bold and ugly, you know the reason for this too 🙂

3D medical biology DNA creative genes success prezi next presentation template

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