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How difficult is the way to success, can you describe it to your viewers?A 3D Prezi Next presentation template with a businessman standing in front of stairs leading towards earth with a door and bright light shining out from it. A great concept to illustrate business success or achieving various goals and plans. Talk about launching a startup company, making a big career, traveling or international politics.


The presentation starts with an overview 3D globe on a sky background, with a young white businessman carrying a briefcase, standing in front of the world. An escalator is leading the way to an open door to success inside the world. The overview also includes a large text placeholder for your presentation title and subtitle. The topic circles are positioned around the globe on a round arrow. Start your presentation by moving from the left topic all the way around the world to the right side with a nice smooth flow of content.

Easily customize the template: you can delete the businessman, add more topic circles, and of course change the color of the circles and arrow. Show people how you define success and talk through all the steps needed to make it happen. Make a motivational presentation about succeeding in life and climbing up the career ladder. Whatever you do, don’t spit over the edge on the escalator… you know what happened to Bart Simpson!!!

3D world with stairs and businessman prezi next presentation template

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