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How does a creative process look like? What’s going on in your mind while you’re preparing an important thesis or project? This is a perfect template for telling a story about work in progress. Prezi presentation template on the topic of writing a thesis or any other research paper in the office. The template features top view of Apple technology devices on a dark wood desk: iphone, ipad, laptop and also lots of papers.

Make a presentation about school, research, thesis, writing, learning, teaching, working online or writing a book, there are no limits here. Show the progress (if any) you have made, describe the paper notes and introduce your research methods. All design elements are separated, so you can easily move them around and create your own unique look. For example you can also delete the pair of hands typing on the laptop, or replace them with female hands, which are included in the template. Zoom anywhere inside the graphics and add your own content and story. The presentation is filled with fun content, but if your presentation is on a more serious topic, then make sure you leave no humour inside 🙂


The Writing a Paper Prezi template uses the concept of a modern hectic lifestyle, where most of the work is done on digital devices. While many people still like to sketch out ideas on paper, then most of the assignments need to be submitted in a digital form or as printouts. This template perfectly illustrates the concept with digital devices on the right sides and messy papers notes on the left side, with a magical conversion machine called a laptop in the middle. Show how your creative ideas are transformed from silly sketches to getting finalized and transferred on a USB stick… and remember, if you ever screw up and miss the deadline, you can always say that you lost the USB drive or spilled coffee on your laptop, that’s the digital age version of “my dog ate my homework”.

Video Presentation Preview

writing a school thesis office desk prezi template

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