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Build up ideas, show hierarchy, describe a process, present your strategy.

Grow and improve

Business growth concept. Small plant growing. Cool zoom effect.

Grow and Improve Prezi Template

Successful marketing plan

Colorful simple bar graph with 3D background with zoom effect.

Successful Marketing Plan

Creative circles

Creative template with multiple colorful semi-transparent ring shapes and 3D background. Zoom and rotation effects.

Creative circles Prezi Template


Colorful business template with multiple placeholders for content in different colors arranged in a grid. Cool parallax motion effect.

billboard prezi template big

Virtual reality

Virtual Reality gear with transparent area in the centre will make it seem that you are seeing the background through Virtual Reality glasses.
Zoom in and earth background disappears, another grey background with gears appears. Earth rotation video included.

Virtual reality - Prezi template

Fresh ideas

Fresh ideas template is made from from separate images of green apple slices. Cool zoom effect appears on white 3d background.
Concept of diet, with fruit with vitamins.

Fresh Ideas Prezi Template

Modern infographic

Modern Infographic report template with placeholders for any statistics data.
Super cool effect in motion when 3D background appears while zooming.

Modern Infographic report Prezi template

Photo gallery on a sunny afternoon

Beautiful display of images swaying on branches of a tree on a sunny afternoon. Photo gallery what makes a good mood when watching it.
Presentation with 3D effect in moving background.

Photo Gallery on a Sunny Afternoon Prezi template

Photo slides

Change the number of the year! Colorful template for showing photos on slides. Gray radial gradient 3D background.
Colorful rounded squares merge with circles in the center. Very interesting motion and Prezi zoom effects. Something you can not do in Powerpoint.

Photo Slides Prezi Template

Business squares

Template with colorful squares for a business presentation. Use square in the center for the company logo. Abstract brochure design layout. Amazing effect while zooming and moving from one slide to another.

Business squares Prezi template

Motivation boost

Space rocket launch with colorful semi-transparent circles on a gray 3D background. Project start-up and development process. A good template for a presentation about motivation, project start-up, inspire or motivate people, present motivational tips, creativity or company start-up. Great effects.

Motivation Prezi Template with a rocket boosts into space on the Prezi 3D background

Brightful idea

Orange light-bulb on a bright yellow background as a bright idea with the Prezi 3D background effect. Glowing light bulb as inspiration concept, new idea, innovative idea, successful idea. The presentation has colorful rectangle backgrounds for slide numbers and great motion effect moving from one slide to another.



Business time

Business time has colorful small circles as a circular pattern. Businessman silhouette is located in the center of circle and man showing time. Creative presentation template with amazing 3D background effect when changing slides.

Business time Prezi template

Business laptop

Business laptop is colorful template with rectangles and laptop MacBook pro. You will see a smooth motion on a background with the modern layout where Macbook pro is floating on air and squares are flying away from the screen. Simple beautiful creative design with multiple colorful squares for technology topics.

Business laptop Prezi template


Upside town

Unique Prezi 180-deegree turn effect!. Presentation has a background image of a dark mountain near sunset and an upside down city at sunrise. Cool animation effect happens when moving from one slide to another where everything is on upside down and city or mountains will appear with the 180-degree turn.