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Boost your creativity and workflow with unlimited access to 1000+ Prezi Templates and professional design services

Unlimited Downloads

Pay once and instantly download as many Prezi Templates as you need for your project. Unlimited access to all Prezi Classic and Prezi Next templates. NB: make sure you have your Prezi Classic account activated if you’re new to Prezi.

No Recurring Payments

No bad surprises with automatic payments. At the end of the plan you will have a choice whether to renew your plan or let it expire.

Access to New Items

An active subscription plan grants you full access to all existing and new items added to our template library.

Money Back Guarantee

Not happy with the service? Please contact us within 14 days for a full refund.

Customer Support

Feeling stuck and need help with a template or Prezi? You can get in touch with the designer who made the template.

Advanced plan with Video Conversion

In addition to unlimited template downloads, you can also choose 1 Prezi that we’ll turn into a High Quality video for you.

Professional plan with Custom Design

The professional plan comes with unlimited templates, 1 Prezi to video service + help from a Prezibase designer who will help design 10 custom slides for your presentation.