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Urban Sales Pitch – Free Presentation Template

A creative 3D sales pitch presentation template with an urban city theme. Present about your company, introduce your business, show your team. Describe what problem your business solves and what value you offer to customers. An abstract urban styled free prezi presentation template Use Template


Business Kickoff Rocket Free Presentation Template

Going to the moon with your business or reaching the stars? A great presentation template to illustrate the kickoff of your business or sales results. A professional design with a rocket launch theme. Zoom in and insert your own topics. Talk about sales, business territories, sales training, and of course your team on this mission. […]


Business Overview Dam – Free Presentation Template

What’s holding your business back? A free presentation template for talking about a business overview, business risks, sales analysis and goals. Blue topic circles on an illustrated water dam background. Use Template


Free Finance Review Prezi Next Presentation Template

A professional presentation template for the topics of money and finance. Dark zoomable topic circles on a an abstract money background. Make your presentation about a business overview, quarterly reports, monetary system, currency or trading foreign exchange markets. Use Template


Business Overview Free Prezi Next Presentation Template

Make an overview of your company or business. Topic circles on a traffic/street background. A great concept to illustrate the twists and turns in business. Are you running on green lights or always red? What are your business plans in the future? Use Template


Strategy Plan – Free Prezi Next Template

Time to reveal your strategic plans for the upcoming year. Talk about your agenda, and about the previous business year. Show the things that worked and how you plan to implement changes in the new year. A simple company timeline template with a strategy and planning concept. White circles with chess, chart, graph and bulls […]


Business Trends – Free Presentation Template

A modern and trendy business review Prezi Next presentation template. Rectangle shapes on an abstract background. A colorful and bright template for a business review presentation. Talk about goals, timeline, agendas and success stories. Use Template


In Depth Business Review – Free Presentation Template

Time for an in-depth review of your business. A creative Prezi Next presentation template with an underwater theme. Make a business timeline, show goals and previous business results. Display your agenda and tactics with a minimal and professional presentation template with creative zoom effects. Use Template