Convert a Portable Prezi to Editable PEZ file

In this simple tutorial I will show you a very simple yet effective method on how to convert a portable Prezi .EXE file into a .PEZ file that can be edited in Prezi Desktop (What is portable Prezi?)

NB: For this to work you will need to use a file archiving software. The functionality of file archiving is already built-in all popular operating systems, however I will be using a tool called WinRAR, which has a simple user interface and is very easy to use. The conversion can also be done using the built-in tools or any other archiving software, as long as you follow the important step nr 4

Let’s Begin

1) Unzip your portable Prezi

2) Navigate into the Content folder

3) Rename folder data to prezi

4) Use your favorite file compressing tool and add the folder to archive. Important: Choose archive format ZIP and compression method Store. This means you will be creating a file that is not compressed and only stored as a zip file.

5) Rename the newly created file to prezi.pez

6) That’s it – the pez file can now be opened in Prezi Desktop. The Prezi will not have a thumbnail at first, but it can still be opened, edited and presented normally.

Is it really this simple? Watch the video:

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