Convert Prezi Classic to Next

So you have a presentation made in Prezi Classic and it probably took you a few days or even weeks to perfect and complete, but now suddenly Prezi Next is out! How do you transform your current Prezi Classic into a Prezi Next format?


The first question I would ask – is that even necessary? Prezi Classic will still be around, you can edit and present all your existing Classic presentations. Prezi Next is just a new platform with a few new features. However if you plan on using your same old presentation for many years to come, then yes, it might be worth considering transferring your content over to Prezi Next. The sad news is that you currently cannot convert your Classic presentation into Next automatically and you cannot even copy paste your content into a new Next presentation. So the current situation is that you would have to completely redesign your presentation in Prezi Next.

A few tips…

  1. Start by extracting the images from your existing Prezi, see tutorial here
  2. Convert your SWF graphics into PDF and they will remain zoomable
  3. or convert your SWF files into SVG with this free online tool

Will 80 million Prezi classic users ever be able to migrate their Classic content into Prezi Next? We don’t know but it definitely would be a logical step, let’s hope the Prezi team is working on it.